Open Source tools and services can be very useful if you understand what they can and cannot do

There has been a lot written about access to and use of open source tools and services, particularly library management and similar systems. Whether a commercial product or open source option is right for your organization depends upon a number of things including your needs, available resources such as budget, and in particular what technical expertise you have available or are willing to pay for from a service provider. It is important to understand your current situation and constraints so that you can make the best possible decision based on that information. Ideally you have done a careful analysis of your requirements through a strategic technology planning process that assesses physical and people resources, levels of expertise available, and policies and procedures which will influence what can be done and how. It is best to get information about all options available to make the best choice to meet your needs.

Given all that, you can then pursue possible solutions to address your requirements whether they are commercial products and services or those available as “open source”. One thing to keep in mind is that open source is not really ‘free’ but it can be an initial cost-containing alternative to licensing of a proprietary commercial product.

If you have expertise available in house to adjust and manage open source code to your requirements or are willing and able to pay for a service to do that for you, then open source tools can be a viable alternative to some available commercial (proprietary) products. However, should you not have that kind of expertise, then a commercial product may be a much better investment over the long term. It is important to evaluate your own situation and make decisions from what you need and what expertise you have available either directly or through contact. Ultimately, you will have to live with that decision so examine options carefully and make an informed decision.

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