General commentaries

The start of a new year and new decade is a time to build on our knowledge and experiences and move forward. The Special Libraries Association, which does business as SLA, has done extraordinary research to determine how the value of information professionals is perceived and what can and should be done to improve that perception. This has been known as the ‘Alignment’ project and it continues to be a key initiative this year.

The results of the research have been in much conversation, especially when one recommendation was to determine a new name for the association. A name change was proposed and the majority of those who voted felt that SLA should remain SLA. That is done, so let’s move on. It is important to now focus on the value statements that surfaced in the research and put them to the best use possible. The point of this project was to help SLA members and I hope everyone treats this seriously and indeed utilized this valuable information to promote themselves and their organizations.

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