Monthly Archives: May 2009

A view of Boolean in 3-D

Ever wonder what Boolean logic would look like in 3-D? There is an art exhibition at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) at its Pacific Design Center location in West Hollywood. For those who can’t get there, here is a link to some information about it.

One view of "Boolean Valley" at MOCA Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood

From the MOCA website:

“Adam Silverman and Nader Tehrani

Installation view of Boolean Valley at MOCA Pacific Design Center, 03.22.09–07.05.09
photo by Brian Forrest”

Conference preparations need to start now!

As we get into conference season, it is good to try to make the most out of the time you are there. Now, more than ever, the cost of time and money to go to conferences make it imperative to maximize value. If you AREN’T going to a professional conference because of expense and you are out of work — BAD MOVE! Get out and NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK to find that next position. Even if you are working and not job hunting, it is a good thing to do.
I came across a good article to help you plan. It was written by Chris Brogan posted in the ALA Direct newsletter, but it is good information for any conference goer.
For those going to SLA in DC, I look forward to seeing you all there for sure!

Twitter use at academic conferences

Interesting paper published in the Chronicle for Higher Education on the use of Twitter at academic conferences. Key points were the typical ‘backchannel’ advantages, but also comments about being distracted by people twittering and danger of  focusing too much on the computer or Twitter and not enough on actual people interaction.