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Catching up on how new metrics provide added value for published research

Being required to isolate yourself at home provides an opportunity to get to that extra reading and watching recorded webinars on topics of interest you always meant to do but didn’t have the time.¬†

New Metrics

Those of you interested or involved in research will want to learn more about new metrics tools and how they are used to measure the interest and impact of published research as it is discussed in the online environment. New metrics are altmetrics that augment bibliometric analysis to get a broader understanding of the impact of published research.

I spoke about new metrics in a webinar sponsored by Soutron Global ( in December 2019. The webinar recording is available here:

In the webinar I mention the book “The New Metrics: Practical Assessment of Research Impact” edited by Elaine M. Lasda, Emerald Publishing, c2019. This book gives a great overview of bibliometrics and altmetrics followed by chapters describing case studies of implementations in various environments including one I did at a natural history museum.



Social network tools aggregation on its way

A few months ago in March 2009 I was conducting workshops in New Zealand on social networking tools for business and research (see my presentation displayed elsewhere on my blog). At the time I discussed the many benefits of using these tools, including networking, career exploration and competitive intelligence (in networking tools such as LinkedIn where the information is very trustworthy). I also indicated that these tools were a bit of a pain because you had to re-enter a lot of information you already entered in another social network site as there was no leading way to easily share that information and do it in a reasonably secure way. However, I felt that it was only a matter of time before this was no longer a problem. I had no specific predictions, only that I was confident we wouldn’t have too long before we would see some action. Meantime, apps are being industriously created to supplement this by enabling you to link and share status updates between Twitter and Facebook, for instance. That alleviates the need to update you status in both places, so that can save time and effort. There are many more examples of this, but you get the idea.

An article in The Washington Post by Chadwick Matlin on August 16th about Facebook buying FriendFeed¬† titled “Facebook Cornering Market on E-Friends” talks about the potential of social aggregation. This begins to address my previously expressed concern with the many disparate social networking tools, so this is definitely something to watch.

On a related point, the latest Mac-compatible version of Skype (2.8) for Mac OSX now allows you to share your screen with another user. This is great and very easy to use. I had been using free that enables screen sharing and real time collaboration and links to Skype among tools, but then you and the other person have to be logged into both YuuGuu and Skype to make it work. That is still useful if the other person does not have the latest version of Skype, but it is great that such useful enhancements are happening!

Workshop presentation on social networks & Second Life

Twitter use at academic conferences

Interesting paper published in the Chronicle for Higher Education on the use of Twitter at academic conferences. Key points were the typical ‘backchannel’ advantages, but also comments about being distracted by people twittering and danger of ¬†focusing too much on the computer or Twitter and not enough on actual people interaction.